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Urban Dictionary: #black site

25 Jun 2009 ... #black site. Top Definition. Turd Reich. Turd Reich (terd raik) NOUN. 1. A play on the words, "Third Reich." 2. The long, brutal, fraudulent reign of U.S. President George Walker Bush. 3. The tenure of George Bush's “brain,” Karl Rove, ( nickname, “turd blossom”), as Bush's chief adviser. 4. G.W. Bush is the ...

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Urban Dictionary: black

African-Americans. The opposite of nigger. Example of people who are/were black: Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Mohamed Ali, Barrack Obama, Condi Rice, the black men and women out there who are working, surviving and contributing to society like any other citizen, and the black men who are putting their lives on ...

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Urban Dictionary: Blacksite

1 Nov 2017 ... Another way, albeit a lazy one, to spell the glitchfest that was the videogame, BlackSite: Area 51. It can also be abbreviated into BS, which is, ironically, a common way to abbreviate bullshit on the internet.

Prison - Wikipedia

A prison, also known as a correctional facility, detention center , jail (US and Australia), gaol (dated) (British English), penitentiary (sometimes used ...

Urban Dictionary: Black

The short name for a Black & Mild Cigar, produced by Middleton. Usually has a plastic or wooden tip, and comes in different flavors. Typically, whe...

Loot.co.za: Sitemap

9781846821172 1846821177 The Diocese of Lismore, 1801-69, Robert Maccarthy 3760009291768 Missa Votiva (Collegium 1704), Jan Dismas Zelenka, Vaclav Luks

Urban Dictionary: in the black

It is a state of a financial success. You will know you are in the black as soon as the ladies come to mate and the nobodies come to hate.

Evergreen State’s student newspaper …

The student newspaper at Evergreen State College has a section in its opinion pages described as “for people of color by people of color.” “This ...

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